DOOH Advertisements

Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Advertisements

A new look to the classic display of OOH in the digital platform is DOOH. The LED screens are used to display the brands in Chennai, the Greater City. A real-time marketing in a dynamic medium. LED displays are extremely popular and reliable products offering optimum readability even in direct sunlight.


Why should you choose DOOH?

  • Modular display
  • High quality components which give the ability to function seamlessly even in harsh weather conditions
  • Attractive display of ads intermittently
  • Provides unique Brand appearance, 7am to 11pm display of Brand
  • Reach the floating audience in no time
  • Employed in 100+ hot locations of the city
  • It’s an exclusive opportunity for your brand to be promoted in a Grand Gesture.


Why should you choose NEXT for DOOH advertisements?

  • Only authorized legal DOOH medium, pioneer in the Market
  • Get promotional based creative ideas for free
  • Get customized reports and suggestions on BQS advertisements
  • Get to know more about the prime locations where you promote and what is so special
  • More than 100+ trusted brands
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