BQS Advertisements

Bus Queue Shelters (BQS) Advertisements

Advertisements are done at the protected waiting area at numerous Bus Stops throughout Chennai city. A static medium where the campaigns run for a longer duration.

This is an amazingly effective medium to reach your segment audiences and grab their attention with the huge display of advertisements. Here, the passengers waiting at the bus stops and passers-by will observe the advertisements that are erected on the bus stops. They create a wide impact on the visibility of the brands and reach a wide range of targeted audiences.


Why should you choose BQS?

  • This gives an un-skippable Brand view, 24 x 7 display of Brand
  • Reach the Mass audience in no time
  • Speaks more about the Brand and its products
  • Displayed at prime targets locations based on the classified segments
  • Enhance the overall impact of a multi-platform advertising campaign that includes television, radio, print, and the internet
  • Campaigns run for a longer duration
  • It’s an exclusive opportunity for your brand to be promoted in a Grand Gesture


Why should you choose NEXT for BQS advertisements?

  • Only authorized legal BQS medium with 10+ years of experience in the Market
  • Get promotional based creative ideas for free
  • Get customized reports and suggestions on BQS advertisements
  • Get to know more about the prime locations where you promote and what is so special
  • More than 100+ trusted brands
  • Looking for a NEXT big shout out, search no more you have us, The NEXT Advertising Solutions LLP (“Your Outdoor Media Partner”)

Creative Design

The brands’ special capturing points are projected in a special format, which gives them a special appearance in front of the Targeted audience. A unique way to represent your brand.

Innovative Design

A surprise element is added in advertising the brands in OOH – BQS medium. We have a rich creative team who works tirelessly to bring out innovative fresh campaign works live in the market successfully.

Want to know what was the secret recipe added in the campaign which made the crowd have 2-3 times glance at the advertisement displayed at BQS? Give us a call and find that out.

Night Mode

You might ask how effective the BQS advertisements are during the night hours. We have special Backlit BQS’s, which never fail to give a peculiar view for your brands.

Prime Locations

Get your brand visibility increased by advertising in the prime locations, in the greater Chennai city, where you can easily reach your target audiences in no time.